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    Aine Tarot

  Confused? Need Clarity About Something?

A whole life of experience.

I realize my reading with great care, honesty and ethics.

Never judge you.

I will give you the keys of all the positive, to unlock your potential.

Honesty is the most important thing for me, so if you are a person who only wants to hear nice things even if they are not true, I will not continue with your reading.

Think before you contact me.

If you decide for a consultation, then you can contact me through the contact page of this profile to schedule a day for your consultation.
Languages: English, Spanish

Experienced in Psychic, Tarot and the Occult


Tarot Readings through email, skype or my website chat.

The fact i do my readings this way is that:

In each new reading I do for you, I need to be calm and at peace with myself. If i were nervous or worried about something, or simply the person who is consulting me it was, it is likely that the reading was confusing and even failed at that time would be better not to do it.


Natural born and very intuitive.

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